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This new seasonal platform game, a follow-up to Mistletoe's Purrfect Christmas, stars Romeo the ginger cat. Romeo is madly in love with a kitty named Julie but doesn't know how to impress her. Thus begins his quest...

The player helps Romeo navigate a sunset paradise, collecting roses while fighting rival cats, naughty cupids and other enemies. Will Romeo win Julie's affection? How many secrets will he discover along the way?

Romeo's Purrfect Adventure features one fully playable level. I plan to add more levels in the future and possibly combine this and other event-themed cat games into an anthology. Keep those claws sharpened!

Stephan Bester – Game Design, Programming, Music, Level Art
Marli Bester – Primary Art, Additional Level Art
My wife Liz  – Special Thanks


Romeo.zip 41 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download Romeo.zip
  2. Extract Romeo.zip
  3. Execute Romeo.exe


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The Romeo and background sprites are very good, and I really enjoyed walking through this world!

The opening and ending stories are easy to follow, and I love the kitties with all their different expressions!

We enjoyed collecting roses and gifts to achieve perfection, or conversely, trying to clear the game with a small number of roses.

Also, the music was cool and kept ringing in my ears long after I played it!!